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European Tourist Guide - your guide to a nice holiday in Europe. This guide is created and maintained by a Danish travel enthusiast, who likes to travel in Europe. At first this guide was just created for personal use, but as it grow bigger and bigger it was decided to share it with "the world".   

The idea

The idea behind this guide is to give the users an easy way to find some of the most interesting tourist sights and attractions in Europe. These sights and attractions can be among the most well known in Europe - but they can also be almost unknown.

This guide will not try to sell you anything - we are not at travel agency of any kind. We do not offer you big discounts if you use us. We simply offers you  links to some of the most interesting tourist sites in Europe - the rest is up to you.

This guide tries to show a wide range of attractions in Europe, but the main focus is on:

  • Attraction that are for the entire family
    Fun and Theme parks, Aqua parks, Wax museums etc.

  • Technical museums and sights
     Automobiles, Aircrafts, Trains, Military etc. 

  • Zoological museums and sights
    - Zoo, Nature parks, Aquariums, Natural museums etc. 

  • Historical museums and sights
    - World War II etc. 

We also cover Art museums, Historical museums and Building, Prehistoric museum etc. in this guide, but they are (for now) not in the main focus.

All of this information is sorted in a way, so that you can easily find it - either by the type of tourist sight or by the country, region and major cities that you are planning to visit.

This guide will also give you some information about places to stay (Hotels, Camping, Hostels etc.), when you are in an European country. This information is sorted by country, region and major cities, and you can easily find a place to stay near the attractions that you want to visit.

The Guide does not have any full-time employees, but uses  freelance workers to help collect, translate and maintain all the information that you find in this guide. We also try to get the users to help us find new and interesting attractions and places to stay in Europe.

General rules

To constantly improve this guide, we need the help of the users. As a user you can inform us about broken links, your favourite tourist sites in Europe or just by giving us your opinion about this site. So please contact us, if you have anything on your mind.

The site was launched publicly in August 2004. Focus was on getting the information on to the Internet, and not so much on the graphical design. Hopefully we will find time (and money) to launch a better design sometime in the future - but the content of the page will always be our major focus.

Advertising is needed

You can use this guide for free, but as it costs to keep the site running and updated, we have some sponsors/advertisers. This is why you will find advertising banners in the right hand side and bottom of the pages. 

But you will not find any pop-up, drop-down or any other types of fancy advertising on this guide. All advertisers on this site are companies that have real and good "products" to offer.

Air Force Museum Kbely - Prague - Czech Republic

European Tourist Guide - Commercial banner - Contact us for a great offer - euro-t-guide.com
European Tourist Guide - Commercial banner - Contact us for a great offer - euro-t-guide.com
European Tourist Guide - Commercial banner - Contact us for a great offer - euro-t-guide.com

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