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European Tourist Guide - your guide to a nice holiday in Europe. The guide is created and maintained by a Danish travel enthusiast, who is very fund of travelling in Europe. At first this guide was just created for personal use, but as it grow bigger and bigger he decided to share it with "the world".   

About this guide

The basic idea of this guide is to provide the users with direct links to some of the best tourist attractions, museums and places to stay during a holiday in Europe.

We do not want to try to sell you anything, and we do not offer you links to cheep airline tickets, hotels, car rental or anything else like that. We just give you links to real tourist related web-sites. 


We are not a travel agency or a tourist office, where you can ask for specific advice on hotels, museums etc. in Europe, but hopefully our guide can help you to find the answers. 


At the moment we give you links to tourist information in the following European countries:


Western Europe:
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Holland (Nederland), Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (England)

Central Europe:
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia and Slovenia.   

Eastern Europe: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. These countries are not in the main focus as their tourist infrastructure is not yet at a sufficient level.    

This guide is furthermore divided into three major categories:


- "What to see" - Attractions, museums, fun parks, zoos etc.
- "Where to stay" - Hotels, camping sites, hostels etc. 
- Other types of relevant tourist related links.

The "What to see" and "Where to stay" categories are divided into two major subcategories: "By type" and "By country". For more information on the different categories and subcategories please click here.

As a user you can get access to all the information in this guide for FREE - so just use it! No membership or anything is required.


This guide also contains a lot of photos from European tourist attractions that we or some of our friends have visited. We hope that these photos will give you even more information about the places that we - or some of our friends - have visited. 

Help us to get better

To constantly improve this guide, we need the help of the users. As a user you can inform us about:

  • your favourite tourist sites in Europe

  • broken links

  • pictures

or just by giving us your opinion about this site. So if you have information about a tourist sight, attraction, museum, camping site, hotel or other tourist related web-sites in Europe, then please send the information to us.

At the European Tourist Guide we would be pleased to show some of your photos from places that you have visited in Europe. Just send some of the pictures to us via e-mail.

The general rules for pictures sent to our guide are:


1. You need to give us a written permission to use the photos - just give us this permission via e-mail.


2. We would like the pictures in a good and high quality so you do not need to make them "smaller" or anything before sending them to us. The pictures use on the guide will normally be in 900x604 - or something close to this.


3. If needed we will cut the pictures to get the "right" look and feel for our guide.


4. If possible we would like at least 4 pictures from any give place, so that we and our users can get a good overview of the attraction. Often we show from 6 to 24 pictures from the same place.


5. We will always make a note crediting the photographer on the page where the pictures are shown - unless you tell us not to do this.


6. We reserve the right to reject pictures that in our view are not appropriate for our guide - or pictures where the copyright is unclear.

Tatra Museum - Czech Republic - European Tourist Guide - euro-t-guide.com

European Tourist Guide - Commercial banner - Contact us for a great offer - euro-t-guide.com
European Tourist Guide - Commercial banner - Contact us for a great offer - euro-t-guide.com
European Tourist Guide - Commercial banner - Contact us for a great offer - euro-t-guide.com

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